Laurence Mathieu-Léger

Producer / Director / DOP / Editor

Laurence Mathieu Léger


Laurence Mathieu-Leger is a Canadian-American award-winning documentary director, producer, DP, and investigative journalist, as well as a mother of three. Based in New York City, her work has been featured on major platforms such as The Guardian, Netflix, ESPN, NBC, and CBC GEM, amongst others. She approaches filmmaking from both an artistic and a journalistic perspective by illustrating difficult stories through portraits and mementos. By creating an atmosphere of mutual trust with her characters, she nurtures a safe space in front of the camera where they can express emotions freely and fearlessly. Moments therefore feel authentic and powerful on the screen.

Latest projects include feature documentary film Willie (Director – Disney, NBC), 6-part docuseries The Big Sex Talk (Director – CBC GEM), feature documentary Sisters on Track (DP – Netflix), and A La Folie (Director – Red Bull). Laurence also produces one of Canada’s most prestigious investigative shows, Enquête.