Laurence Mathieu-Léger

Producer / Filmmaker / Photographer

Laurence Mathieu Léger


Laurence is currently a senior video producer at the Guardian US. She also produces independent content.

Originally from Montreal Canada, she is an experienced visual innovator who’s applied her skill-set to a collection of enterprise and investigative projects for major news networks and publications such as Reuters, The Guardian, La Presse, TV5, the United Nations, CBS, Al Jazeera and the AFP, among others.

Furthermore, her work is currently featured at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City as part of the the special exhibition ¡Cuba!

Laurence honors quality standards in producing content that is compelling, thought provoking, and visually striking.

In all her work, she thrives in the creative conception and technical execution of projects, and collaborates at every stage with fellow creative contributors to ensure that each respective project maximizes on its full potential.

In 2017, Laurence’s work received international recognition after winning a World Press Photo award for her work on the Guardian interactive production The Injustice System – which she spearheaded.